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Reading between “Thin Blue” lines

Although I attended its launch at the wonderful Book Lounge over month ago, I only got round to reading Jonny Stenberg’s latest book Thin Blue this weekend.

Hopefully other South Africans won’t be quite so tardy.

At 179 pages, it’s a short read but what it lacks in length it makes up for in punchy, perceptive relevance. It’s a fantastic book — a must-read, and I mean that. Because although the focus of the book is in the violent-stricken townships of Gauteng, it holds important insights for all of South Africa. It goes a long way to explain the tsunami of crime that has engulfed suburbia. It succinctly, potently illustrates what is wrong with our police — the roots of its current maladies and how apartheid’s long shadow continues to exert a paralysing influence on state crime-fighting agencies. Lasty, and most vitally, it suggests pertinent solutions as to how we can tackle crime.

Read it.


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Zille’s Idols bid: party politics takes its battle to the stage

Eish. So, our own veritable Jay-Z isn’t the only singing, dancing SA politician around these days. Helen Zille gave a stirring rendition of the DA’s new anti-crime theme song “Never give up” at a candlelit vigil outside a drug dealer’s house in Belhar according to this post on the DA’s Eye On Crime blog.

Click here to watch the video of her performance….


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All aboard Shabangu’s Bang Bang Club

After the startling success of her president’s Native Club (the koeksisters at their Tuynhuys imbizos were reputed to have been a particular hit), a deputy minister has made a desperate escape from obscurity with the launch of the Bang Bang Club.

At the launch last night, Susan Shabangu’s corpulent beam — previously only seen framed on the walls of dysfunctional police stations countrywide — lit the room as she outlined a host of initiatives for members, including target practice in Pollsmoor Prison’s courtyard during the inmates’ exercise hour.

Workshops will be held on how to cut the brakes of speedsters who fail to pay outstanding fines, while How to Pepper-Spray Kleptomaniac Grannies is now available for download on the club’s website — right in time for pensioners’ day at your nearest Shoprite.

The website also offers cut-price matches and paraffin with the suggestion members give their local unlicensed shebeen a good dousing on Friday after work.

“There’s been some questions on what I define as a criminal,” Shabangu told the packed audience. “But let me just say now that no ruling-party member is a criminal. Criminality does not exist within this movement’s collective culture.”

At that point, the Bang Bang patron, Jacob Zuma, waddled on to the stage in a leopard skin to shake Shabangu’s hand.

“Is that a machine gun or are you just pleased to see me?” whispered Shabangu rather too close to an e.tv microphone.

The club’s first policy proposal, due for publication next month, advocates the re-education of “moffies, mkwere mkwere and other miscreants” at an “Afro-gulag” in the Karoo.

Shabangu, a former secretary of Vigilantes for Victory, is also behind the launch of the Department of Safety and Security’s new logo, two thunderbolt-shaped Ss that to history students learning about Nazi Germany will look vaguely familiar.

The contents of this “news report” may just have been imagined. And then again, it’s quite possible that they weren’t …

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