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Conversations with the Foreign Policy Journal

Check out my interview in the Foreign Policy Journal with Iranian journalist  Kourosh Ziabari. We discuss everything from Zimbabwe and the conflicts in Darfur and the Congo to the 2010 World Cup and Africa’s media representations and role of the international community in conflict situations.

Click here to check out the interview.


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Rwanda’s puppetstrings tugging Congo’s conflict

I didn’t want to believe that Rwanda — the plucky “Israel of east Africa” — is providing support to the Tutsi rebels led by General Nkunda in the eastern Congo in a conflict that could easily end up in engulfing the entire region in war. But sadly, and despite the Rwandan government’s vehement denials to the contrary, it looks like it’s true.

According to a fascinating article outlining the Rwanda-Congo dynamic in the International Herald Tribune, compelling evidence (including several interviews with former Rwandan soldiers returning from the rebel frontlines) points to significant support being provided by Rwanda to Nkunda. The aim of this is allegedly to fight a proxy war, creating a Rwandan sphere of influence in the Congo and establishing conditions conducive for Tutsi/Rwandan businessmen operating in the region.

Read the IHT article here.

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Live from Goma…

Forget the news channels — or the newspapers for that matter: when it comes to finding out what’s really going on, it looks like blogging is increasingly (but not neccesarily always) the answer.

The indispensable Global Voices Online, a blogging aggregation and summation project run out of Harvard, provides an in-depth look at the news that bloggers are providing, live out of the eastern Congo, in this post.

One of the most notable contributions is from the Virunga National Park’s official blog, Gorrila.cd, which is tracking the attempts of their rangers to reach the relative safety of Goma, fleeing the fighting between Congo’s national army and Tutsi rebels which has been happpening inside the park.

Stop Genocide’s blog provides some background insights into the complex dynamics of the east Congo conflict here.

With the advent of the web, the world is a much, much smaller place. We can no longer plead ignorance.

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Tutsi rebels gaining the upper hand?

According to the blog on the Virunga National Park’s official website, Congolese troops are fleeing the advance of Tutsi rebel soldiers. Samantha, writing from Goma say:

It’s total chaos in Goma. I am being told, through various phone calls and text messages, that the army have now laid down their weapons at Kibumba, 12 miles north of Goma, and are fleeing the rebels. In other words they have totally given up.

Some of the soldiers are running/driving/zooming on motorbikes through town towards the west, Sake, and they are going past my house.

The governor of North Kivu has apparently also left town.

Now there is only the UN peacekeeping forces stopping Nkunda’s rebels from taking Goma.

Read the rest of the post here.

With thanks to Global Voices Online for the link.

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