5FM broadcasts Malema’s racist rants… as “music”

Driving home from the airport early this morning, I thought I had gone back to sleep and was dreaming when, from the interminable “mix” concocted by 5FM’s DJ Euphonic, I heard the voice of Julius Malema. A recording of the ANC Youth League president castigating the BBC journalist Jonah Fisher was being played against a buzzy backtrack. (Watch Malema’s original tirade here.)

As the malevolent snarls died away, I wondered why they had been featured in this song. Was this some sort of not-so-subliminal warning to those with “white tendencies” that they ought to behave? Was it satire – an attempt at mockery? Or had the petulant little tyrant’s outburst been included in the song just for the sake of it – a reason that surely justifies many artworks?

A double espresso or two later, it still remains a mystery to me as to why this vehement, racist attack was broadcast on public radio long after it ceased to be a news item.


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One response to “5FM broadcasts Malema’s racist rants… as “music”

  1. kwl article, where ncan i find the song 🙂 tnx

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