Why the Tories should win

Tomorrow Britain votes in what will be one of the most uncertain, exciting elections in decades. It will be a poll that willl shape the nation’s future, helping to determine what kind of response to its economic woes and social challenges the general public want.

Labour must go. The party’s obsessive enlargement of the state has increased dependence, stymied initiative and led to a ballooning deficit. Riven with internal conflict and petty power plays, the party has failed to provide convincing arguments as to why this tired movement deserves to continue to govern Britain.

The Liberal Democrats take a laudable stance on civil liberties. Their pleas for constitutional reform are understandable (although scrapping the first-past-the-post system and implementing pure proportional representation in its place, as they suggest, is not the answer either). But the junior party’s ideas on immigration are naive, its stance on Europe sycophantic, and its economic policy sheer lunacy.

I want the Conservatives to win. I believe they are the only party that has the verve, intellectual energy and the ideas to tackle the challenges the UK faces. Over the past four years, David Cameron has proved capable of reforming and revitalising his party. As prime minister, I believe he could do the same to his country.

His vision of a Big Society in which individual liberties are respected, enterprise is stimulated and personal responsibility is upheld is a compelling one. He also seems the most willing to face up to the task of curbing the UK’s massive deficit, something which Labour doesn’t seem to have the stomach to do, or Lib-Dems the capacity.

But enough said. Recently, both the Financial Times and The Economist — two publications that have broadly similar values to my own — explained why they are endorsing the Conservatives for this election. To understand why I believe the Conservatives deserve to win this critical election, read the FT‘s endorsement here and The Economist‘s here.


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