ANC “strongly condemns” Malema’s outburst

The ANC’s spokesman, Jackson Mthembu, has released a statement in which South Africa’s ruling party “strongly condemns” what it describes as an “unfortunate outburst” directed by Julius Malema at a BBC journalist in a press conference yesterday.

This is possibly the strongest pubic reprimand addressed by the party to the volatile president of its youth wing. The ANC has been notoriously reluctant to rein in Malema who has generated endless column inches for his legendary wild statements which have included demanding the elimination of the opposition DA and claiming he would kill for Jacob Zuma.

The party called Malema’s behaviour “aggressive and insulting” and said it was “not in keeping with the culture and traditions as well as conduct of a cadre and leader of the ANC”. It also admitted that Malema’s tirade “reflected negatively on the ANC YL, the entire ANC family, our Alliance partners as well as South Africa in the eyes of the international community”.

The ANC’s statement also tackles Malema’s brazen support for Zanu PF (the ANC’s partisanship is a little more veiled than the ardour apparent in its youth league’s frothy fulminations about Zanu PF). The statement says:

The ANC would also like to strongly disagree and distance itself from utterances by the ANC YL at their press conference yesterday that they will support President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF to win the forthcoming general elections in Zimbabwe. The ANC stance on the Zimbabwe issue is that we fully support the mediation process that is currently underway, which is led and facilitated by President Jacob Zuma. The ANC together with its government would like to see all political parties in Zimbabwe (the two MDC’s and Zanu PF) implementing the spirit and the letter of the Global Political Agreement. It is therefore our view that the ANC YL’s expression of support for one party in Zimbabwe goes against our country’s and President Zuma’s mediation efforts in that country.

Mthembu says an urgent meeting will be held with Malema to discuss his behaviour and his rabidly pro-Zanu PF stance.

It will be interesting to see whether the severe tone of the statement marks a shift in the way Malema is handled by the ANC. Will he be made to behave? Have the powers that be decided he is becoming too much of a liability — or threat?

And, if an attempt is made to make him behave, what will his reaction be? The footage of Malema’s outburst shows a man drunk on power — or perceived power. This, I believe, will be the cause of his eventual hubris. While his ascent within the ANC may seem unstoppable and impregnable, I believe this is far from the case. Malema’s anger yesterday marks his achilles heel. His response to the journalist’s remark shows he has a major insecurity problem and a deep yearning to be respected. What is also evident is that this insecurity is a catalyst for wild behaviour — wild behaviour that could one day cause his career implode. Hotheadedness and volatility in a politician is a major liability because they lead to actions that can alienate and cause resentment amongst competing factions and even in one’s own power base.

So whoever can successfully exploit this this weakness as well as his addiction to power, will be able to topple him. Malema’s position is far more vulnerable than we realise.



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4 responses to “ANC “strongly condemns” Malema’s outburst

  1. A Orfanos

    The reconcilliation and goodwill entrenched by Mandela’s presidency over South Africa and the ANC over 27 years has been eroded away by racism and anger over a few short months by Julius Malema, the President of the youth league of the same ruling party. South Africa is no longer the example the world needs to follow.

  2. Joel Nyamamhini

    Malema is a huge embarassment to the ANC and South Africa as a nation. He is very immature and does not know anything about African politics. His outbursts are very unfortunate especially his apparent admiration of a proven tyrant like Robert Mugabe.
    My greatest prayer is that voices of reason should come up from the ANC ranks to silence and cut to size this dump and immature Malema. One doesn`t need to be rocket scientist to see that Malema`s admiration of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF`s destructive policies is something that should be of great concern to every patrotic and foward-thinking South Africa citizen. Who in his right mind can admire the destruction that Mugabe has done on Zimbabwe? Malema is liability to ANC and South Africa, he should be silenced now before it`s too late.

  3. Marius

    Dispite the ANC new condemnation i belive that Juilius paves the way as to where we as a country are heading.Only now that Julius actions has made international news Zuma and the ANC decided to take a stand in public.Untill now he could say what he want and do what he wants.

    Julius made news several times insulting other senior ministers in the ANC without any recourse.

    The fact is that if one works for a company one has to obide within its policys.If a employee acts out of company policy and procuderes expecialy at the level Julius has done most companies will start disaplinary procudures ,lock his ofice ,close his email adress,inform security that he is not alowed on the premises untill untill the disaplinary are finalised.

    Thus the ANC making a puplic statement against Julius IS ONLY A STATEMENT ,That is all it is.

    My obsevations from the ANC with regards to when the prosecute Malema action started was that they were more conserned about what it will do to Malema as oposed to the ANC actualy disaplining Malema.

    Therefore i belive that the ANC are in consent with all he sais and does .


  4. Columnist Xolela Mangcu hit the bull’s eye when he said that Julius Malema is simply a fascist. But he is probably too thick to realise that that is a far more serious insult than saying that he lives in Sandton.

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