ANCYL’s vitriol directed at DA supporters

The ANC Youth League’s spokesperson, Floyd Shivambu, attacked the “vampire” media for reporting about Julius Malema’s security arrangements and the R300 000 it is costing taxpayers every month in this statement. Shivambu believes that such matters are “confidential” and “are not supposed to be discussed in public”.

He then turned on the DA, which had released a statement on the matter. Shivambu had this to say:

Majority of DA supporters witnessed with appreciation when apartheid sponsored killings of thousands of our people for many years and know of the cowardly assassination of Chris Hani.



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3 responses to “ANCYL’s vitriol directed at DA supporters

  1. Hi Alex! Eish… I’m trying to write a blog post about our darling Jub-Jubs. More specifically, I am trying to find out exactly WHO could support such an obviously ignorant (well, plain stupid actually) and corrupt poephol? Do you have ideas where my best sources of info are hiding? You seem to have a fantastic grasp of what’s out there in terms of the media and politics. Would love to hear back from a like-minded soul 😉

  2. amatthews

    Hi Lisa,

    In terms of general political info,,, are all good resources.

    But to get a sense of pro-Malema mindsets, check out the Facebook groups of the different political parties. Obviously, there will be loads of Malema supporters on the ANCYL and ANC’s Facebook groups.


  3. Shocking, Shivambu was defending himself against formal complaints that jounalists have been making into him investigating their private lives as a means of intimidation, he was on SAfm this morning. The youth league were phoning in and saying things like “if they can throw stones, we will throw rocks”. We cannot stand by as the ANC-YL behaves in this manner. Why is the ANC themselves not doing anything?

    Read more here:

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