Malema: “Hermaphrodites don’t exist”

Julius Malema believes there’s only males and females — and, contrary to science, nothing in between. He claims that gender’s shades of grey are some sort of imperialist plot.

With backward bigots like him, it’s no wonder intersex people and those of sex and sexualities that are contrary to the “norm” get such a rough time in South Africa.

From Politicsweb:

Malema also said the ANCYL would make it clear to the International Association of Athletics Federations that it should not “impose” its concept of “hermaphrodite” on South Africa.

Australian newspapers have reported that IAAF gender tests on Semenya suggested that she was a hermaphrodite.

“Hermaphrodite, what is that? Somebody tell me, what is hermaphrodite in Pedi? There’s no such thing, hermaphrodite, in Pedi. So don’t impose your hermaphrodite concepts on us.

“You are either a woman or a man. When a child is born you are announcing it’s a baby girl or a baby boy. We have never heard in the village a child being projected, ‘we are given a hermaphrodite’. There’s never been such a thing in a village we come from.

“Why should we be told today our children are hermaphrodites? She’s a girl and why should we accept concepts that are imposed on us by the imperialists? We will never agree to that concept. You are either a girl or a boy and that’s it.”

Read the rest of the Politicsweb article here.


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3 responses to “Malema: “Hermaphrodites don’t exist”

  1. Hermaphrodite in Pedi is “Ntonankatshadi” ~

    Enough said 😛

  2. Kobus du Plooy

    Malema se POES

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