Ingore this film

Amnesty’s new campaign “Defy them” is a stirring call for action against torture. But this time there’s a fresh approach to the copy to hook you in and demolish your apathy. Employing powerful reverse psychology, the copy puts the choice in your hands — to ignore the abuses of human rights and pretend it’s not happening. Or to sensitise yourself, and join Amnesty to make a difference.

The email sent to me, with a link to an anti-torture film says:

Torturers, traffickers, executioners, rapists, THEY all want you to STOP READING NOW.

A man in Algeria who tortures people by forced ingestion of urine to simulate drowning.
A businessman in eastern Europe who sells women to the sex trade.
A general in Burma who uses soldiers to silence monks.
A militiaman in Sudan who wages war by raping women.

THEY are all real people. THEY are all going about their business as you read this email.

And THEY all share one hope: that you DON’T WATCH THIS FILM.


A lot of people are hoping you won’t watch this film. But many more are hoping you will.


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