The Soapbox – now live!

The Soapbox, an online platform where South Africans can speak out, launched yesterday on Freedom Day. Below is the post I wrote in “The Editor’s Notebook” on the site:


It’s fifteen years since South Africa became a democracy, and we’re launching today in celebration of this. But furthermore, we chose Freedom Day because of the importance that free speech has in ensuring that our democracy continues, and flourishes in the years to come. Stimulating, supporting and fighting for free speech is what The Soapbox is all about.

South Africa has had a tempestuous, momentous, exhilarating and sometimes tragic decade-and-a-half of freedom. Now more than ever before it is essential that young people speak out about the things they feel strongly about. We simply cannot afford to be apathetic and silent. Our democracy, and the rights – such as free speech – which underscore it are too important for us to ignore the very real issues we face as a nation.

As you will see on the about page, The Soapbox “aims to fight political and cultural apathy and to foster tolerance and a culture of intelligent debate among young South Africans.” We can only achieve this with your support. So, quite simply, become a contributor – change the world. Tell your friends about The Soapbox. And write! We can really make a difference if we all, collectively, speak out.

I hope you enjoy the launch opinion pieces. We plan on updating The Soapbox as frequently as the flow of written contributions will allow. Soon we will also host our first speaker event. Very excitingly, we will also be launching the SoapBox fashion label.



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