Was Tsvangirai crash an assasination attempt?

Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s prime minister and leader of the opposition MDC, has been in a car accident with his wife, who tragically lost her life in the incident.

Radio SW Africa reports:

Susan was seated behind the driver of their car when a haulage truck encroached onto their lane. Their driver swerved and the truck crushed the right hand side of the vehicle, behind the driver. Their landcruiser veered off the road and rolled three times.

Reports we have received say Susan survived the intial impact and when she was pulled out of the vehicle she was talking, but clearly in great pain. But a close family friend told us she lost consciousness on the way to Harare’s Avenues Clinic, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Initial reports suggest she might have broken her back and suffered multiple leg fractures.

This is Zimbabwe, the indispensable blog maintained by human rights NGO Sokwanele, suspects that there may have been foul play:

Foul play is suspected. We’re now hearing that the tyre blew out, that the axel was faulty. It’s very unclear at the moment, but foul play is supected.

This wouldn’t be altogether surprising, especially when Zanu PF has been known to have used car “accidents” to dispose of political opponents before.

And, according to This is Zimbabwe, when Deon Theron, vice-president of the Commercial Farmers’ Union, tried to take pictures of the accident his camera was confiscated and he was arrested.

It all looks very, very suspicious.

Our hearts go out to Morgan Tsvangirai and his family.


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