Shilowa’s son receives bursary from Malema

The battle between the ANC and its splinter continues, with senior Cope official and former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa’s estranged son given a Youth League bursary and made an ambassador for the ANCYL’s scholarship programme for “needy” individuals.

As usual, Malema attacked Cope, Helen Zille and the IFP. He also, according to the Times, gave some interesting reasons to be a part of the ANC:

The Youth League president told the students that “the good times” were over for those who had defected to form Cope.


“They will never feed their children. They will never eat at expensive restaurants again. The nice things are over for them. It is only nice in the ANC.


“Beautiful things are in the ANC. Ugly things are outside the ANC.


“Beautiful girls are found in the ANC. If you want to get married, you must choose to get married in the ANC,” he said.

Watch Malema speak at the University of Limpopo here.

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One response to “Shilowa’s son receives bursary from Malema

  1. The fact that nice things are only in the ANC,is not true.Nice things are every where else, even in small parties there are nice things.You cann’t run after some good things that you cann’t even use.Every person has the right to dignity,the persons those who leave ANC for COPE must be respected because is thier choices to leave that organisation& they have the reasons why they leave the ANC.Comrade Malema must be aware of that.

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