ANC TV ad: this is what you get when Ogilvy’s your agency

This is the beautiful TV ad created by the ruling party’s award-winning advertising agency Ogilvy Johannesburg.

Combining simplicity with a compelling narrative, it’s a stunning, slickly executed advert (making the the DA’s  “Somewhere over the rainbow” TV spot look like an amateurish stock photo slideshow by comparison). Too bad the ANC commercial is also a gross misrepresentation of 15 years of misrule — hiding paltry service delivery, a failure to eradicate poverty, imploding social infrastructure and rampant corruption  behind a cheerful admission that challenges remain in reaching the nirvana so glossily depicted in the ad.

The ad is a rather picturesque reminder that if you genuinely do want a better life for all, the ANC isn’t the party to vote for.

Do Ogilvy employees sleep peacefully at night?


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2 responses to “ANC TV ad: this is what you get when Ogilvy’s your agency

  1. Juanel

    didn’t you know they don’t sleep at night?
    They are the unfortunate souls that all our vampire movies are based on…
    We’re not studying at Vega to prepare us for the industry – we are growing little vangs… muhahaha….

  2. charl linde

    One of the best TV ads in recent history…

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