Two-year-old kid tortured in notorious Zim prison

There are no limits to the brutality that Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF government is prepared to employ in ensuring its continued grip on power. Recently, human rights activists and opposition supporters were abducted and thrown into the notorious Chikurubi Prison.

Here they have been subjected to torture and beating. Very little food has been provided. They are not allowed to see outside visitors. Their captors have also forced them to confess to having undergone military training in Botswana to launch an armed rebellion to topple the Zimbabwe government. These allegations, denied by Botswana, are widely accepted as merely an excuse to supress rightful dissent in Zimbabwe and force its populace into fearful, silent submission.

One of those imprisoned is a two-year-old little toddler called Nigel Mutemagau who was abducted three months ago along with his two parents. Little Nigel has been beaten in front of his mother in attempt to force her to admit to the charges leveled against her.

As Zimbabwean blogger Denford Magora says:

He can not speak up for himself. And if the stories from the lawyers are true, he is puzzled as he is beaten by strangers, not knowing what crime he committed to deserve this. He sees his mother, whom he instinctively considers his protector, watch helplessly while he is being beaten.

The Chikurubi Prison is no place for a child. Magora describes it:

Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, where two year old Nigel is being kept in solitary confinement, is notorious for its atrocious conditions even during Zimbabwe’s better days. Now however, the conditions are much worse. Prison authorities do not have enough food to feed the inmates. They are struggling to make ends meet, much like the rest of Zimbabwe’s public sector. Against this background, the prison authorities say that they have been given instructions not to allow food to be brought to the inmates (including to children) from the outside. No visits from relatives are allowed for these particular prisoners, including for 2 year old Nigel. Even lawyers struggle to gain access and when they do, there is always a state official present.

The continued persecution of not only opposition activists but a two-year-old toddler must immediately come to an end. It is imperative for South Africa — and the world — must act now to pressure the Zimbabwean government into ending their vicious assault on basic human freedoms.

To remain silent is to condone what is happening in Zimabwe. We cannot, for the sake of freedom and respect for the dignity and equality of all, turn away and ignore this shameful, horrifying state of affairs.



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10 responses to “Two-year-old kid tortured in notorious Zim prison

  1. Bruce

    This is no longer an indictment of Mr Mugabe. He is what he is: A brutal madman, drunk on power & desperate to stay out of The Hague.

    It is however a scathing indictment of SADC in general, and the ANC-led, South African government.

    There is a special place in hell for those unmitigated cowards.

  2. The brutality in this part of the world is well known, and with no attempts to bring it to a halt…either diplomatically or militarily, it will continue to escalate. What other means of conduct does the population see? What condemnation?


  3. Jim C

    Mugabe is a puppet , it’s his generals who are really in control .

  4. Tapua

    Iwe! Danford. Awunyari! Things are bad in Zim, but this. Urikubhadharwa mari yaka dii to say things like that. Shame on you. Do you realize it reflects even to you kuti rudzi rwedu we can do such things, again shame on you.

  5. Hi

    may mugabe rot in the same hell that hitler and mussolini will rot in.

  6. harris74

    I think that it is time for President Robert Mugabe to go. He is getting criticism from the ANC and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. However, it is for his own people to remove him from power. The U.S. has no business interferring in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe.

    When President Mugabe took power in 1979 after they won the war against the Apartheid regime of Ian Smith and renamed the country Zimbabwe, Mugabe was an international hero. He even urged the white residents of that nation to stay as a sign of national reconciliation. I think in 2000 or 2001, he took all the white owned farms and started jailing dissidents and oppressing other people. Now, people are starving to death and dying of cholera. Mugabe must go.

  7. cdjunior

    This sounds like a fake story to me. No doubt there is idiot in charge insane violence there but torture of 2 year olds in government installations there is probably just a lie. Murder of a 2 year old is common, but torture most rare.

  8. Its time for SA and other African countries to pony up and confront this lunatic…it’s in their backyard and yet they do nothing

  9. josephudo

    The 666 (it is actually, six hundred sixty six) prophesied in the New Testiment is the name, number or character of the “Beast” or Antichrist. It is believed that this could be a Skew/barcode like the ones on food cans which are scanned for a price…the barcode is a character and can be programmed with the name of the food item (or the name of the Antichrist) and has an associated number (a programmed number which is equal to some logical order of his name, in an alphabet for example). Think about this very carefully. I believe we are so close to knowing who this demon is that he is probably working among our governments now. No far fetched. We are already in a terrible global recession and imorality is almost or as bad as was in Sodom (Old and New Testiments).


  10. There is something lower than Bush/Cheney and we are seeing it in Zimbabwe. I agree that the only viable solution must come from the people of Zimbabwe. We can not give freedom like a belated Christmas gift.

    The only long term solution I think of is to some how convince dictators that they can get get wealthy and powerful by freeing their people to create a new economic reality. Get the dictators to give up power because they think they can get something better like wealth. Who wants to rule over a starving populace anyway?

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