BREAKING NEWS: Two-year-old released after 3 month imprisonment

According to today’s main story posted on The Zimbabwe Times, the two-year-old toddler incarcerated and tortured at the notorious Chikurubi Prison was released yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. He has spent three months imprisoned; his mother continues to remain behind bars.

Nigel Mutemagau released Tuesday after three months in detention. - pic courtesty The Zimbabwe Times

"Nigel Mutemagau released Tuesday after three months in detention." - pic courtesy The Zimbabwe Times

According to the article:

“Medical reports show that during his abduction and continued detention for charges of banditry and terrorism, two year-old Nigel was assaulted and denied food and medical attention by his captors,” Chamisa [MDC spokesman] said in a statement.

“He was later referred to Chikurubi Maximum Prison in Harare where he was detained for almost two weeks.”

The release of Nigel follows last month’s order by High Court Judge Justice Yunus Omerjee ordering the release of the child, as well as various MDC members and human rights activists who were abducted from various locations over the past three months.

Relatives of Nigel are being looked for so that the child can be taken care of.

Read more about the abduction and unlawful imprisonment of Zimbabwean activists here.


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