Mugabe’s murders: the Zim starvation crisis

Solidarity Peace Trust has released a video entitled Death of a Nation which investigates the widespread starvation in Zimbabwe.

People are dying from lack of food. There is simply no maize — certainly none that the vast majority of people can afford. Wild fruits, seeds and berries (which  often cause painful stomach cramps) are the only sources of sustenance. And that is, obviously, woefully insufficient.

It is heartrending to see a nation suffer like this at the hands of its wicked, malicious dictator — who is propped up by the indifference of the international community and the ongoing failure of its neighbour — South Africa — to show moral leadership and decisive, courageous action at a time when it is so urgently required.

The world must act NOW before any more innocent Zimbabwean lives are lost.

Watch the video below:


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