Bloggers constitute bulk of jailed journos

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, an advocacy group aimed at defending the rights of journalists, most journalists in jail are those using the web as their medium of choice — like bloggers, online reporters and web editors (thanks, Gino). A statement released on the CPJ’s website says the following:

  • There are 125 journalists in jail worldwide.
  • 45% (56) of these are internet journalists.
  • China has the greatest number of journalists jailed (a record it’s held for the past decade).
  • There are 29 despotic regimes that have imprisoned journalists including Egypt, Cuba, Eritrea, Burma and Uzbekistan.

Find out more here.

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One response to “Bloggers constitute bulk of jailed journos

  1. I love my Che Guevara shirt. I bet it would look super cool with black and white stripes as I languish in prison in the country that is the second-most prolific jailer of journos world-wide.

    The tension between capitalism and socialism has always intrigued me but I must say the frequency with which communist dictatorships suppress the most basic of freedoms has made me skeptical of that type of social order.

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