Mbeki’s ousting backfires

Ouch. Just when the post-Polokwane mob thought they were invincible the “counter-revolutionary” judiciary dared to turn the tables. Although we will only know on 12 January whether the Nicholson ruling is to be overturned, Friday’s performance in Bloemfontein indicates there is a definite likelihood that it will be.

The judges were simply scathing about Chris Nicholson’s judgment and their pointed questioning reduced Zuma’s lawyer, Kemp J Kemp to a gibbering wreck — which is no mean feat.

If the NPA’s appeal is successful, it will pave the way for Zuma to be recharged for corruption — and he could end up standing for trial while he is campaigning for the 2009 elections.

Read about it on IOL here.


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One response to “Mbeki’s ousting backfires

  1. Perhaps this is why we’re heading for an early election? Imagine a prez who gives himself a presidential pardon. The Romans were right, there is always something new out of Africa.

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