It’s official: Malema is a cretin

According to IOL, reports on the spectacularly pathetic matric results of Julius Malema – the ANC Youth League’s head, are correct. Reporters on the Star confirmed the results with someone in the department of education. This is what he got:

  • H in Standard Grade (SG) Maths (yes, that’s between 30% and 35%!)
  • G in SG Woodwork
  • E in Higher Grade (HG) Sepedi
  • E in HG Afrikaans
  • H in SG History
  • F in HG Geography
  • C in HG second language English

Oddly enough, with this report he was still able to gain admission to a law degree at UNISA.

At least his utterly stupid, idiotically dangerous rhetoric is now explained. With marks like these it’s doubtful he understands what a democracy or constitution is — or, indeed, is even aware of the potentially explosive ramifications of employing such blatantly militant rhetoric.

Which is sad. Because, for all its faults, the ANC has an intellectual tradition. When one thinks of the bright minds of the party’s past — such as Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu and, of course, Nelson Mandela, you’re appalled by how low the intellectual calibre of the organisation has plummeted when a senior member of the party (if the head of a superannuated youth division is such a thing, that is) is such a stupid, unintelligent schmuck.

Yes, this is a movement that has long lost its way. The fact the youth league isn’t appalled by the confirmation of sheer idiocy of its leader is only proof of that.

Read the IOL article here.

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