Jon Qwelane’s gay-bashing column

After the furore surrounding Jon Qwelane’s gay-bashing column in the Sunday Sun Smut, apparently decided not to publish it – as they usually do with Qwelane’s muck. As it turns out, a UCT blog called Media Flaws has a copy which has been reproduced below. So, if you’re curious as to see what the fuss was about, read on….

Call me names, but gay is NOT okay…

Oh dear, here we go yet again. The Anglican Church is heading for a split in its ranks, and homosexuals are the reason. The church faces the first real schism since the day Henry VIII walked angrily out of the Catholic community to lead his own faction, because Rome would not sanction his marriage to Anne Boleyn, his brother’s widow. This time some leftists among the Anglican Communion want not only more homosexuals ordained as bishops, but women as well.

The real problem, as I see it, is the rapid degradation of values and traditions by the so-called liberal influences of nowadays; you regularly see men kissing other men in public, walking holding hands and shamelessly flaunting what are misleadingly termed their “lifestyle” and “sexual preferences”. There could be a few things I could take issue with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, but his unflinching and unapologetic stance over homosexuals is definitely not among those. Why, only this very month – you’d better believe this – a man, in a homosexual relationship with another man, gave birth to a child!

At least the so-called husband in that relationship hit the jackpot, making me wonder what it is these people have against the natural order of things. And by the way, please tell the Human Rights Commission that I totally refuse to withdraw or apologise for my views. I will write no letters to the commission either, explaining my thoughts.

Trouble in the Anglican Communion began when the Episcopalian fraternity in America (where else?) decided to ordain a homosexual as bishop of the flock. Here in South Africa we had a senior officer of the church in Cape Town parading his “gay lifestyle” openly. The 10-yearly Lambeth Conference in England – the gathering is the world “synod” of the church – will deliberate the delicate matter of women and homosexual bishops, among other things.

Homosexuals and their backers will call me names, printable and not, for stating as I have always done my serious reservations about their “lifestyle and sexual preferences”, but quite frankly I don’t give a damn: wrong is wrong! I do pray that some day a bunch of politicians with their heads affixed firmly to their necks will muster the balls to rewrite the constitution of this country, to excise those sections which give licence to men “marrying” other men, and ditto women. Otherwise, at this rate, how soon before some idiot demands to “marry” an animal, and argues that this constitution “allows” it? – by Jon Qwelane.

–end of article



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17 responses to “Jon Qwelane’s gay-bashing column

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  2. Alexandra

    Thanks for posting the article. Qwelane’s column should never have been published.

  3. historymatters

    “The real problem, as I see it, is the rapid degradation of values and traditions” – the usual suspects, in other words. And shoot the next person who suggests that values and traditions are not cast in stone (preferably Moses’ ones).

    In response to Alex Mathews, I wish this were a fuss we could ignore. If it were merely rubbish, that would be fine. That it’s unconstitutional rubbish is a bit more problematic, but what’s really a problem is that Qwelane makes a point of giving the finger to the constitutional body charged with dealing with this kind of thing. Besides the broader context and recent history (Malema, Vavi etc), the SAHRC can’t afford to ignore this one. And neither can we.

    Whatever constitutes ‘amoral decadence’ is your book is fine with me if it’s between consenting adults. But being a moron is not a valid defense for advocating hate speech.

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  5. Wilhelm

    What a lot of simplistic drivvle. What would Simon Nkoli have said? Let the next black person call me racist….

  6. MK

    Everyone is entitled to their own opnion and everyone knows that.
    This was not a hate speech directed to anybody but to the lifestyle of the gay people and their sexuality.
    if i see a man kissing another man in public and i feel it is morally wrong am i suppose to shut up and move as if nothing happenned? If i see a man wearing a g-string in public and flaunting his privates, am i supose to keep quiet about it?Just because not everyone agrees or disagrees with one’s opinion it does not make it right or wrong. everyone knows that morally and phisically, men are to be with women so they can produce offsprings.full stop! I don’t dislike gay’s their life style that gets people hyped up!

    • Very frustrated

      You say “this was not a hate speech directed to anybody but to the lifestyle of the gay people and their sexuality.”

      There is no difference. This would be like a racist person saying “I don’t hate the person, I just hate the colour of their skin.”

      You are, unfortunately, an ignorant bigot. Do you think all gay people wear g strings and flaunt their privates? The vast majority of gay people have never done this. Just because you are gay it does not mean that you are obsessed with sex and showing off your private parts. This would be the same as thinking a black person must be a criminal or a drug user. Neither statement is true! Grow up and learn how to tolerate and accept others that are not like you.

    • Indignant

      So interesting how the uneducated drone on about their “rights” but then they go and violate those of others. What is this world coming to?

      And when are these ignorant fools going to realise gay people are here to stay? We ain’t going nowhere and there ain’t nothing the pathetic homophobic community can do about it. Welcome to the 21st century … now get with the program.

  7. Jacques

    MK Funny you should say that … I feel the same way about straight people and their lifestyle.

  8. MK, you are right, in this country it seems as though some are more equal than others. I am still waiting to see anyone talking if gay people parade themselves and talk openly about what they are. Just because some of us are not gays it does not mean we approve of this. Qwelane is right, we need leaders who have balls big and strong enough to stand up for what is right reagardless of who is opposed to it. What is it going to take for these people to se that what they are doing is wrong? God himself?

  9. John Qwelane for President! Viva Qwelane viva! Gays and Lesbians, please you know Qwelane is right. Stop acting like you don’t. Control yourselves please!!

  10. Susan Smith

    John, MK, Vuyo – may you be forgiven. You know not what you do.

  11. yeah right susan! as if gays and lesbians know what they do.

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  13. John the Saint

    The gay lot is just a wrong lot and quite frankly being gay should be treated as a mental disorder. Our constitution is wrong also it should defend family values bt it seems like all it does is spend time defending qeers giving them rights they renounce the moment they choose their lifestyle ie the right to have children right to a normal life really. It is actually a very risky lifestyle and this is basing it on the fact that Aids was first spread by gays and it was then known as gay related immune deficiency, google it. So this lot actually brought aids upon us and FACT MOST GAYS HAVE AIDS

  14. Mphuthumi Tuntulwana

    In the so-called new SA, are we not allowed to oppose homosexuality without being labelled homophobic or backward? Nowhere does Jon advocate violence against homosexuals, he disagrees with the lifestyle. Or is freedom of speech only for the pro-gay? The minute one opposes homosexuality, its hate speech.

  15. “If I see a man kissing another man in public and i feel it is morally wrong am i suppose to shut up and move as if nothing happened??”

    YES, you ignorant dick, that is EXACTLY what you are supposed to do.

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