Mugabe’s friends: China, Russia (and SA)

“Smart” sanctions targeting Mugabe and 13 of his fascist associates have been vetoed by China and Russia in the Security Council. True to its pro-Zanu inclinations, the South African government also voted against the measure (as did Vietnam and Libya — no surprises there).

Click here to read the Telegraph’s report and here for the BBC’s.


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2 responses to “Mugabe’s friends: China, Russia (and SA)

  1. fortuna

    I don’t mean to sound racist but have the bloody chinese no regard for human rights ? Clearly not – the sullied their own streets with blood of their own in Tianmin Square, brutally oppress Tibet, bully Tiawan, re-introduce child & slave labour to Namibia’s construction industry, arm africa’s worst tyrant (the infamous chinese weapons ship that could find no port) and now use their security council veto to prop up the worst threat to subsaharan africa since aids – I call on all all westerners to boycott all chinese interests; from the local chinese restaurant to all imported chinese goods & food; make them pay for their global arrogance – halt their economic colonialism !
    Let’s also give the south african president a review – he is so inept that he cannot even pick a reasonably respectable acriminal successor (ANC youth league members may need to donn their shower caps) – nobody regards Thabo as able or competent on Zimbabwe – my garden gnome could compete favourably !

  2. Anon

    Oh dear, oh dear…

    Seems like there was something to that rooi gevaar after all, eh?

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