Caviar communism: YCL comes out of business class closet

Recently the Young Communist League national secretary, Buti Manamela, was detained for questioning at Heathrow on his arrival. Sounds like a horrible experience to go through – one which he shares with relish in an interview in last week’s Mail & Guardian.

What I found fascinating, though, was Manemela’s admission that he flew to the UK in business class. Clearly the irony is lost on Manamela. I mean HELLO!! Doesn’t business class symbolise the untrammeled, opulent excess of the evil capitalist system? So much for Comrade Manamela representing an organisation that claims to be fighting for the proletariat, the people – and of course a classless society. Ahem, classless.

Ag shame. If the SA Communist Party had even a shred of credibility, they’ve lost it now – though my hunch is that they’ve been without any since their remarkable reluctance to pay their outstanding debt to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University for the use of their facilities for their conference last year, an amount in excess of a million rand. It’s no wonder they’re in favour of debt relief!

This little gravy-plane episode, I suppose, is just another reminder that the SACP has long lost its battle with ideological irrelevancy, being clearly unable to put into practice the archaic “principles” they so vehemently preach.

In true Animal Farm style, this is a case of all being equal – but some being more equal than others. Orwell must be giggling in his grave.


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