The Zanu-PF Fan Club (also known as the ANC)

Robert Mugabe is one lucky dictator, being in the enviable position of having outsourced his foreign diplomacy efforts to the South African government. By preventing a discussion in the United Nations Security Council on Zimbabwe’s political situation, South Africa is doing its utmost to ensure that the international community does nothing about the tyrannous regime’s evermore-brutal attempts to cling to power.

In post-election Zimbabwe, Mugabe has launched Operation Mavoterapapi [Where Did You Vote] which involves the systematic persecution of MDC supporters. Torture camps are being used, and roving gangs of Zanu PF youth militia round up suspects, beating them, and in some cases murdering them.

This is well documented, and clearly should be dealt with by the Security Council as a matter of urgency. The reason South Africa has blocked discussion about Zimbabwe is ostensibly because it believes that Zimbabwe’s implosion does not pose a threat to international peace and security — the requirement for something to be discussed in the Security Council. But this does not make sense. Firstly what is of greater importance: the lives and rights of millions, or UN protocol? Secondly, one could easily argue that Zimbabwe is indeed posing a threat to international peace and security: The flood of refugees (an estimated three million) into South Africa and the violent xenophobic backlash that has subsequently occurred is proof of this.

Thus the only plausible explanation behind blocking discussion of the crisis is that the South African government continues to be an unquestioning and unwavering supporter of Mugabe’s regime. Running contrary to the values enshrined in our constitution, its shameful behaviour at the UN means that it effectively condones the fascist subjugation of the Zimbabwean people and the assault on their fundamental human rights and democratic will.

In a betrayal of its guiding principles, the ANC has placed not only its commitment to democracy but also its credibility as a liberation movement in jeopardy. Since our ruling party is prepared to turn a blind eye to the flagrant oppression across the border, does this mean that when its political hegemony is effectively challenged, that it will resort to the same vicious measures to stay in power?



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2 responses to “The Zanu-PF Fan Club (also known as the ANC)

  1. James Mcevoy

    If u r suggesting that the MDC should be running the country that is a joke. The MDC are a puppet party to the American and British governments, over 70 million has been poured into this party just to oust Mugabe. The Americans want a puppet so they have a platform in Africa and because Mugabe is stong and opposses them he is labelled a Dictator. Thabo Mbeki only supports Mugabe and so do many other African leaders because to them he lead his country to independance and is a hero. In 1960 he stated the ZANU party and brought his country to independance and single handedly brought the downfall of Ians Smiths regime. In recent years i have travelled to Africa and was lucky enough to know some one who attended an AU summit, he filmed the point at which Mugabe enterd and every single Presidentm Prime Minister or head of state stood and gave his a standing ovation, no other leader has that unwavering support from a contenant. To many he is their Hero

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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