Politico-spotting at the Book Fair

I went to the Cape Town Book Fair on Saturday to listen to Max du Preez, the inspiring investigative journalist, columnist and author. Unfortunately he had cancelled his talk, but the the visit to the fair was still worthwhile. It was also interesting to see who had dropped by.

Pallo Jordan, Minister of Arts and Culture, and appropriately one of our most literate politicians, was wandering about. As was Tony Leon, erstwhile head of the DA, with his glamorous wife Michal. A few giggling kugels were sidling up for photos with him. Oh well, it goes with the territory.

A sleepy Kader Amsal was hanging out at the “Who owns whom” stand (perhaps he was standing in for Jacob Zuma?), while watching rugby was the deputy director-general of education, Penny Vinjevold.

Anthony Bulter took time out from writing his white-bashing Business Day column to sign copies of his well-received Cyril Ramaphosa biography.

On the cultural front, Woolies face and Lark frontwoman, Inge Beckmann, was drifting about while sitting huddled in front of the big screen was David Kramer, replete with orange socks and veldskoene, watching the rugby.


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