Make newspaper text bigger… or else!

His excellency the President of Zim’s sight has got so bad that he can no longer read newspapers. In an article on it is revealed that Mugabe has demanded that the font-size of state-owned papers be increased. As if that would give him any clue about what’s really going on!

Ndlovu told state media editors at a briefing last week that Mugabe had complained that he really wanted to read papers about what was happening in the country, but could not because the print was “the size of ants”, and asked the minister to tell editors of the state newspapers to increase the font size.

Ndlovu took the President’s message to the editors.

“We could not believe it when the minister said the President had told him to ask us to increase the size of the font. We all looked at each other amazed at what he had just said. We could not hold ourselves and openly giggled about it,” said an editor who attended the briefing.

This is another sign of the despot’s increasing frailty. Clearly he is in no state to be running (or, to be more accurate, “ruining”) a country.

The writing is on the wall – even if it is too small for that murderous monster to read. We may be closer to change than we think.



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3 responses to “Make newspaper text bigger… or else!

  1. Definitely further proof that his health is deteriorating. Apparently he just got back from Malaysia where he has spent the past few weeks getting check ups, possibly a cancer scare.

    Perhaps a slow and painful death is too much to ask for?

  2. Wow. Have you read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Autumn of the Patriarch”? This reminds me of that. About a dictator who’s absolute power robs him of his sanity.

  3. amatthews

    thank you, I’ll check it out

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