ANC’s ingredients in xenophobia cocktail of chaos

As usual, Justice Malala hits the nail on the head in his latest Times column, this one on xenophobia. He holds the ruling party responsible for creating a climate of criminality where illegal actions can occur with impunity. This, he feels, has led thugs across Gauteng to believe they can get away with their barbaric behaviour towards illegal immigrants:

A cocktail of factors, mixed by the ANC over the past 10 years, is responsible for the barbarism.

These people are behaving like barbarians because the ANC has failed — despite numerous warnings — to act on burning issues that are well known for having sparked similar eruptions across the globe.

This cocktail is made up of stubborn denialism on Zimbabwe, an increasingly incompetent and corrupt police service, poor service delivery and corruption in government departments.

The crime-does-pay culture fostered by the ANC — criminals such as the Travelgate fraudsters walk away scot-free — is a central ingredient of the cocktail.

This column is a must-read!

Justice for president!!


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