Court challenge to disbanding of Scorpions (and how to help)

The M&G has reported that one man has launched a courtcase to save the Scorpions:

Glenister, CE of Johannesburg-based digital production company Telpro, is dragging Mbeki, Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Brigitte Mabandla and Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula to court. He has approached the court as an ordinary South African concerned that crime will increase if the Scorpions are closed down.He advances seven reasons that their closure would be unconstitutional. The Constitution states that Cabinet members should not “expose themselves to any situation involving the risk of a conflict between their official responsibilities and private interests”.

Indeed, a comment left on Afrodissident yesterday, outlines how people can assist this proactive man:

Support Bob Glenister (Hugh) now!!! Mr Glenister is serious about his coming court case against government to prevent them from disbanding the scorpions. Please help him to succeed in this process: All you have to do is to sms the words “scorpions yes” to 35052 and for every sms received a donation is made towards his legal costs. You can also mail the words: “Scorpions Yes” to or fax the same to 0880218521388. Please take a few minutes of your time and let us all stand together and help this very brave man.

Johan from Lifestyle Projects emailed me to say that the amount that ends up getting donated is R1. He says:

This is about 38% of the gross income of the sms charge. We also receive a lot of emails and faxes. All of these votes will be forwarded to Bob with the detailed sms report.

Should you have any queries, you can contact him 021 852 138 or

Another option to show your support is to sign Bob’s Scorpion petition on


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One response to “Court challenge to disbanding of Scorpions (and how to help)

  1. Thank you for your efforts I just wonder about the premium cut taken by some third party if you wish to donate we are in the process of setting up a blind trust for those of you who wish to donate This will mean that I will have no knowledge of those who do donate, but those who donate will have access to the audited accounts. I agree with amatthews though, at this point get as many people to vote if they feel so inclined, this will go a long way to helping all South Aficans in creating a climate of accountability.

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