Voice from the wilderness

Cathy Buckle is an heroic Zimbabwean woman who sends out weekly newsletters updating readers on what’s happening in that beleaguered country. With courageous poise and clarity she exposes a situation that in many quarters is now ignored. Sadly, media focus has long strayed from our neighbour. It’s almost as if people have become immune – or indifferent – to what’s happening.

This week Cathy voices concerns that the post-election violence unfolding in Kenya could quite easily occur in Zimbabwe. Here is an excerpt:

What is happening in Kenya is making us very nervous here in Zimbabwe. A disputed election result; over 800 people killed; 250 thousand displaced and a stable and prosperous country spiralling into chaos in just a single month. As the violence and killing has gone on day after day, it soon became obvious that this wasn’t just about a questionable election result, but about a number of past disputes and old grievances that had never been resolved. It’s also about poverty, unemployment and inequality – all factors that are predominant in Zimbabwe’s chronic situation.

Everyone is asking if what’s happened in Kenya could be us in two months time and as fast as we shake our heads and say, no, that won’t happen here – it’s hard to find reasons why not.

There are plenty of reasons why one more disputed election may just be one too many here. This mayhem began in February 2000 when Zanu PF lost a referendum. They have had eight years of chances just as the people have had eight years of suffering and decline.

Should you wish to subscribe to Cathy’s newsletters, drop her a mail at cbuckle@mango.zw.


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  1. Yes, it’s a shame but due to the weak nation states of Africa, mayhem erupts during contested results. As Mao Tse Tung once said, “Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.” Since Africa has weak and not institutionalized states, where as in America things internally will be dealt with politically, in weak nation states, they handle it through war and the victor is the political victor as well..

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