Christine Qunta "embarks on music career"



Christine Qunta has revealed that to supplement her meagre wages as future char woman of the SABC, she will embark on a solo music career.

Although still under wraps, her first album is to be entitled “Quntalicious” and will be a heady mix of Hip Hop and Luthuli House.

In an off-the-record interview with Sunday Transplant editor, Mondli “MediClinic” Makhanya, she reveals that: “After painting lessons with Dali, I realised that I needed to broaden my artistic horizons.” She credits another inspiration for her musical efforts, however. “Jay-Z heard my stirring rendition of umshini wami in the shower the other morning and recommended I enter Idols.”

Having no time for the white imperialistic media monolith which runs the singing talent programme, she has instead decided to forge her own path to the stars.

“My song lyrics will be a fervent attempt to emancipate our suffering black sistas,” she says in a clear allusion to embattled Manto Tshabala Msimang, her arch bosom pal.

Her latest efforts cock a Snuki at her detractors – who believe she is a sycophantic ANC hack hell-bent on driving the pigmentationally-challenged into the sea. This view is much mistaken – her efforts at reconciliation can be encapsulated in the soon to be released single “One settler, one lifejacket”.

Other song titles in the upcoming album include:

– “All the President’s Women”

– “I believe in miracles”

– “No beetroot, no die”
– “He’s not heavy, he’s Mbeki”


The Spokesperson

CHG Records

An all-natural subsidiary of the SABC


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