ANC Today – bearer of racist vitriol

IN THE RULING party’s newsletter on Friday, an article entitled The ANC must depend on itself to defend and advance the democratic revolution! provided unique if not sinister insights about the ANC’s seemingly embedded racism.

The primary motive force of our national democratic revolution, the ANC and the revolutionary democratic masses it leads, is the principal architect of democracy in our country. It is also the main guarantor of the process of national reconciliation,
which has even given the historical forces of reaction, of various hues, the possibility to continue to exist and freely represent their views and interests within our evolving national democracy.

We must therefore exercise the hegemony we have spoken of not on the basis of access to superior access to repressive force, as has happened elsewhere on our Continent and other parts of the world, but on the basis of the democratic and popular mandate of the majority that was the victim of colonial and apartheid oppression and super-exploitation.

Under a heading of “our historical opponents”:

The first echelon of the opponents of this majority is composed of those who opposed the national liberation struggle, and therefore the national democratic revolution, whom the national democratic revolution deliberately let be, having decided against the Jacobin option. We will now proceed to mention some of these.

After paragraphs denigrating the NP and DA it goes on chillingly to say:

The white population as a whole supported the system of white minority domination and willingly participated in the struggle to defeat the national democratic struggle.
However, the national democratic revolution did nothing to oppress or disintegrate the classes and strata that constituted the white population, including depriving them of their democratic rights and property, and destroying the organisations they had created.

The conclusion that can be arrived at after reading these is that the ANC views all opposition to their movement as racist and reactionary. The implication is that it is only due to the ANC’s benevolence and its commitment to reconciliation that reactionaries are allowed “the possibility to continue to exist”.

Furthermore the ridiculous claim that all whites actively supported apartheid is not only untrue but also racist as it is making a race-based assertion which simply cannot be supported.

Indeed the ANC itself profiles the white woman activist, Helen Joseph, as someone who “dedicated herself single-mindedly to opposing apartheid.”

There a many more examples of white antiapartheid activists. These include:
• ANC members such as Alec Erwin and Ronnie Kasrils
• Helen Suzman and the Progressive Federal Party
• the Black Sash
• End Conscription campaign
• antiapartheid student movements at the former “white” universities

To imply that whites actually deserve “oppression” and “disintegration” as a consequence of their alleged support for apartheid illustrates the dangerously warped thinking that would appear to permeate a race-obsessed organisation with an intolerance of criticism and alternative views.

The comments in this article – and others – does not bode well for democracy, a concept which appears to be the antithesis of the “national democratic revolution” that sprinkles the party’s vitriolic rhetoric.


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  1. Anonymous


    After reading an article like “SA’s betrayal” written by the New Republic, (a liberal journal) it is clear that the ANC has begun to turn its back on democracy and is heading the way of all petty dictatorships. Focusing on an emotive issue like “racism” distracts people from other more desperate issues in SA.

    We have seen this happen throughout the “developing” world, from South America to Africa and the East. Once a party like the ANC has got hold of power, considering itself the “majority”, they do not want to think of “sharing” or “allowing” other parties to exist and voice opposition. So from being an opposition party itself, the ANC goes to the other extreme of dominating power in all areas – trying to gag the press, trying to fast-track legislation, keeping corrupt MPs in their positions of govt instead of asking for resignations. All this smacks of the same kind of “one-party” govt that emerged in Zim with Robert Mugabe at the head.

    They do not want transparency or participation in govt and they do not want “power sharing” with other parties. For a while democracy has been – like other gestures of “land re-distribution” a kind of window-dressing for the West to show they were making changes.

    But renaming cities and streets is no longer a distraction from alarming crime statistics that no one will acknowledge – worse still – despite the fact that child-rape statistics are the worst in the world in SA (including nations at war) – the police child-unit was disbanded!

    The murder of farmers in rural areas continues with no help from govt. Chris Burgess, editor of Farmers Weekly wrote a moving editorial about a farmer struggling against crime on the Lesotho border that he had just visited, when the man was attacked and murdered. Does this issue ever come up in parliament? Zim used to have productive farmers until many of them were murdered too. How long does the ANC think farmers will stay and farm in SA under such dangerous conditions? When they do not even have the support from govt, yet they are providing food for the people.

    One can see from the “Innovation Fund” that was supposed to address social ills like crime and public service that money has been diverted to “science and technology” fields under the head of Chairman Rob Adam. It seems as though certain govt officials can just use this country as their own piggy-bank and make withdrawals of money, land, houses etc – living large – while the people they are supposed to represent continue starving – no food, water or medicines.

    SA is at a crossroads – where it could choose democracy or choose to continue down a path to petty tyranny. Unfortunately it is usually human nature, based on greed and power lusts, that wants to grab more and more and more before retirement, and then leave the country in a mess. There has been a “brain drain” before, but I think a greater one will come if the ANC digs in its heels and continues to trample democratic processes in SA.

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