Bias at the Beeb?

Is there bias at the BBC? Who knows – but their detractors certainly could show them a thing or two! The Liberal Revolution responds to the article BBC viewers angered by “innate liberal bias”.

It ironic that a news piece about the BBC’s alleged bias is so brazenly – nay, myopically – partisan. In fact it is rather hypocritical. Just because Andrew Marrs complains of “innate liberal bias” does not mean all BBC viewers agree with him. Indeed, buried in the depths of the article, it is revealed that, “a survey of viewers found that the corporation was generally seen as impartial.” Despite that, the article only quotes people who have a negative perception of the broadcaster. So, as an avid Telegraph reader, I am left wondering whether this article a cynical skewing of the facts, or merely symptomatic of the Telegraph’s (and other centre-right papers for that matter) innate hostility to the BBC?

Andrew Marrs’s remark on the composition of the BBC is, quite frankly, a ridiculous and presumptuous assertion. How dare he make assumptions with regards to political/ideological affiliation on the basis of ethnicity and sexual orientation (look at what party the Ivan Massows and Nick Boleses of this world support!)? Although such factors may be an influence, they do not by any means determine where you sit on the political spectrum.

For all its faults, the BBC is an invaluable institution that plays a pivotal role not only in British life but across the globe too. Criticise the corporation if you must, but at least be fair and balanced. To be otherwise would only cast aspersions on the trustworthiness of the Telegraph as a purveyor of reliable news.


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