Decoding De Liar

AS THE SPOTLIGHT on De Lille’s anticorruption crusade fades, the woman has come up with a new stab at quenching her insatiable hunger for publicity.

Her blustering attempts to destabilise local politics have grown to farcical proportions. Here is a woman completely out of her depth. That was more than evident when the ID cosied up to the ANC last year. Now, again, she feels she has to put her foot in it.

Her rant splashed across the pages of the Argus continues her record of political destructiveness. It remains to be seen whether or not the allegations about devious scheming between the creepier elements of the DA and ID are true. One thing is certain, however: De Lille is continuing to do her level best to erode the creation of sustainable and effective political opposition to the ANC.

Fortunately, as head of the Independent Democrats, Manuel’s “useful idiot” can only have limited impact. Ever since its inception, the party has shown itself to be wholly reliant on the media-hyped profile of its dictatorial leader to make an electoral footprint.

Almost bankrupt, the ID is yet to develop clear and substantive policy, while its chaotic organisational structures have been prey to an interminable series of internecine squabbles.

De Lille better not be too rude. After all, it was Zille who threw her a political lifeline by letting the ID into Cape Town’s ruling coalition. Obviously, it’s a marriage-of-convenience, but it might do Pat “De Liar” good to remember it has prolonged the precarious existence of the one-horse show some care to call the ID.


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  1. Sean

    One simply needs to glance across the rather tawdry electoral posters flashing the ID across: most notably what springs to mind is the poster meant for Simon Grindrod, De Lille’s rather sluggish appearance is seen creeping from behind him. She really does never miss the opportunity for a bit of light, however, she is a much needed opponent to the ANC’S oligarchy in the country. De Lille is getting too big for her boots: nationally she represents less than 5% of the population…has the woman no shame?

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